Goodbye, My Little Friend

I’ve been out of touch with this site for most of March. Here’s the reason: My furry companion Abner suddenly hit a rough patch. We happily celebrated his twelfth birthday in late February, but even then, in hindsight, I can see that Abner’s health was failing. These past few weeks have been awful — back and forth to the vet; worry; trying to administer medicine to an unhappy cat. I finally had to deal with the inevitable. This past Friday we made our last trip to Allen Veterinary Hospital. I’m grateful for both Dr. James and Debbie, who made the process as painless as possible.

So now I’m wrestling with all the emotions that come with mourning, with grieving. The emotions are such a tangle in my brain I despair of ever finding the strand that will eventually unravel the mess.

If I have to settle for one word to describe the way I have felt the past few days, and continue to feel, it is “lonely.” This once cozy and comfortable home feels cold and empty. As do I.

The process of saying goodbye to my precious, sweet, gentle cat will continue. Time will pass. I’ve been up close and personal with death my entire life, so I know this is true. But now? Now, I just stand still and hurt.

I miss you, Abner. The depth of the loss I feel is a tribute to your faithful companionship. Thank you for keeping me company for the past ten years. You were truly there when I needed you.

LONELY EAST COAST LEFT 1970 Here is proof that record company executives often have ears of tin. The Powers That Be dumped this catchy, evocative tune on the B side of this 45. The A side was given over to a supposedly hip tune calculated to resonate with radio listeners in 1970. Boy, did it suck. I truly believe if this record had been flipped we’d still be hearing this on Oldies stations today.


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