I am happy to report progress is being made on my latest book. There’s some discussion as to the title, so for now we’ll continue to call it HANDYMAN #6.

It’s rare the time of year I’m writing about and the actual time of year sync up, but oddly enough, I’m writing Handyman Ed’s Christmas adventures from 1989 as we approach Christmas 2020. As we all know, it’s going to be an unusual Christmas this year, so my gift to you is a sneak peak into one of the new book’s holiday scenes.

“Geez, Mom.” Ed indicated the ragged assembly line. “Are you making cookies for the whole town?”

“Your mother,” Clyde archly observed, “bit off more than she can chew.”

Norma made a face at him. “You’re such a wit, Clyde Croasdale.”

“So why am I here?” Ed asked. “Am I charge of red and green sprinkles, or what?”

“I’m doing the sprinkles,” Lesley said, not looking up.

“Wonderful,” Ed said, crossing his arms. “Mom?”

“Well, since Christmas Eve is next Sunday, everyone in town is having their holiday parties this weekend, and with the roads so icy they want them delivered. I figure you’re used to driving on icy streets.” She pulled a piece of paper out of her apron pocket. “I’ve got the names and address right here for the cookies that are ready to go. By the time you get back I’m sure we’ll have more for you.

“I see,” Ed said thoughtfully. “What’s in it for me?”


“Well, you expect me to run all over Porterfield and probably even farther away on my day off, using my down time and using my gas. I think it’s only fair I get a cut of the profits. And don’t even suggest taking it in trade. We’ve got Christmas cookies coming out our ears at home.”

Norma gave Ed her strongest glare. “Edward, are you attempting to blackmail your mother?”

“Wish I’d thought of that,” Lesley muttered.

“Now, Mom, don’t make this into something ugly,” Ed said calmly, uncrossing his arms. “I’m just asking for financial compensation for my cooperation.”

“Well, I never! What happened to helping your family in a pinch out of the goodness of your heart?”

Ed smiled kindly. “It’s the eighties, Mom. As Michael Douglas said in Wall Street, ‘Greed is good’.”

You’ll find out who wins this latest go-round between Ed and Norma in THE HANDYMAN #6, available first quarter 2021. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Here’s one of my Christmas favorites from the late, great Bobby Vee. Enjoy!

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