Cherry Pickers

Since when do people get to custom build their convictions? Are there options I simply don’t know about?

Consider the Religious Right: They rain all kinds of condemnation down on LGBT people, and will spout Bible verses to prove their righteousness. Am I the only who is puzzled that they feel no need to follow ALL the rules and regulations laid out in that particular book? God lets them choose? I must have been home sick the day they talked about that in Sunday school.

Actor Chris Pratt is currently justifying his membership in a trendy Los Angeles church that discriminates against LGBT people, and has been involved in conversion therapy. Mr. Pratt says that his faith has nothing to do with where he attends services. Nice try, Chris. As long as you attend their services, and as long as you tithe from your Jurassic, monster-sized paychecks, you are supporting abuse against LGBTQ folks.

A year or so ago I read a WAPO article about Trump voters in Iowa. One man, a Republican party county chairman, said his best friend was a “gay gentleman,” and how he would “bleed out for that man.” Really? You gonna take his place in the gas chamber? Sorry, but I don’t particularly want a friend whose idea of loyalty is supporting a regime that is determined to make life a living hell for me.

Recently I saw another Trump supporter write on Facebook that he has lots of gay, black, and Hispanic friends. You like and support that shit bird in the White House? Okay. Fine. You bought the whole fucking package, mister. Tell THAT to your gay, black, and Hispanic friends.

I was watching a documentary on the Alt Right yesterday. I cannot remember who said this, but it was very true. “Perhaps not all Trump supporters are racist, but all racists are Trump supporters.” Wow, I sure want to be in that company!

Sorry, folks. You don’t get to cherry pick your convictions. If you throw your support to a politician, a religion, a school of thought, a celebrity, or whoever you choose to follow, you get the whole thing. You don’t get any “yes buts,” you don’t get to deflect, play the disingenuous card, or pat yourself on the back for your supposedly more charitable beliefs. You buy bullshit, it’s your pile of bullshit. It is yours to maintain, and it is yours to keep or throw away. But don’t tell me you support my ardent wish for full citizenship in this country while you support those who want me eliminated from the conversation. I have more respect for the genuine haters; at least I know exactly where they stand. The cherry pickers? If one of them was standing between me and the Nazis, I would not turn to them for help, I’d just kiss my ass goodbye. Cherry pickers always pick the path of least resistance. Oh, and for them, the means always justify the ends. Just ask Sarah Huckabee (“Lying For God”) Sack-A-Shit.

INCREDIBLY COOL RECORD YOU SHOULD KNOW: CHERRY PIE BY SIXTH DAY CREATION 1969.  I swear I have a different interpretation of the lyrics every time I hear it. Anyone who has yet to learn how subversive bubble gum music is has my sympathy. They don’t know what they are missing. If this one had broken out beyond Cincinnati, I believe we’d all be familiar with it today. 


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