Live! And in Person…

Me! (You were maybe expecting Armistead Maupin???)

I’m excited to share an evening of fiction and fellowship with these two wonderful writers — Brigham Vaughn and David Pratt — who are adding their unique voices to the world of fiction. Well, excited and nervous, of course. Everybody always says, “but you were in radio all those years! How can you be nervous?” Bud, there’s a big difference between talking into a microphone in an empty room and actually confronting the audience. (And I always have said I have a face for radio anyway.) I remember the night I introduced the Holiday Pops concert at the Embassy Theatre. I walked out on that stage and could only think: Holy shit! What a lot of people! Fortunately or unfortunately, I shared the stage with “local weather personality” Sandy Thompson, who, in her zest to upstage me, almost clocked me with her damn umbrella. That brought out my inner bitch and I forgot to be nervous. I doubt anything like that will happen at Wunderkammer Thursday evening. Brigham and David are lovely people, but if they get aggressive, well, I’m always up for a good cat fight.

My thanks to Dan Swartz for providing the venue. Wunderkammer is a much-needed addition to the Fort Wayne art’s community. I know Indiana is a red state, and God knows it has earned its reputation as being red-necked, but trust me, there are some amazing, inclusive enclaves here, even in ole Fort Wayne. I hope anyone within traveling distance will consider joining us.

And hey! We got cider and doughnuts! It doesn’t get much better than that on a November night in the Midwest.

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